Welcome to the 2018-19 FRG PTO Year!

Thank you for volunteering to help the FRG PTO! We appreciate your time, energy and commitment to our program. We look forward to working with you. All members of the Board are prepared to support you to ensure your program is successful. Reminders:


❖Teachers, we love giving grants. Click here for the Teacher Grant Application Form.


❖We are trying to make a better effort to not overlap other events, within the PTO, district and community, so we are asking to have your dates approved by the board using this form: Event/Activity Date Request Form


Budget. Each Committee has a budget; it is your responsibility to stay within your budget. Any overages will be your responsibility unless the Board approves a request. The budget put in place allows for all events/programs to run smoothly with the money we earn each year. Please see information from the PTO Treasurer.

Accepting Payments. Cash is always welcome; checks need to be written to Fox River Grove PTO or FRG PTO; Please submit funds within 7 days of receiving them to either the PTO Treasurer (Michael Campbell) or
the Asst. Treasurer (Theresa Meshes). The Treasurer keeps records for your committee on funds deposited and dispersed; we have accounts with PayPal, Square and TransUnion to accept credit cards. If you would like to use either of these accounts for your event please contact Michael Campbell.

Financial forms: Reimbursement request, deposits, and cash box. These forms must be filled out in order for any requests to be fulfilled or they will be returned. If sending via backpack mail to school, it must be marked Attn: PTO Treasurer. See also the FRG PTO Committee Budget & Financial Information for more details.

Attention you must obtain the tax exempt form from Michael Campbell; no tax will be reimbursed moving forward.


Committee representative will need to report at the PTO Board meeting 3 times. 2 months prior, 1-month prior and first meeting following your program/event.


❖Committees with programs/events that occur monthly need to report at each meeting or submit a monthly update to a board member.


Committees are responsible to advertise for the program/event they are planning, the PTO provides several avenues for advertising:

E-blasts will be published once a week on Thursdays. Please send any information to Nicole Steeves by Wednesday afternoon.

Fox River Grove PTO Facebook page Please contact Sara Erdmann with the details you want listed and when! 

Fox River Grove PTO Website All flyers and calendar dates can be sent to Nicole Steeves  

Flyers/Invitations. Copy at the UPS store in FRG. Please tell them you are with the PTO and put your committee name on the invoice. They will use a discounted rate and our tax-exempt number. When picking up, please sign the form at UPS saying which committee has requested copies! This helps our treasurers with budgeting expenditures. Keep in mind, this does come out of your committee budget and using half sheets can save!

Flyers sent through the schools need to be to the Secretaries on Monday and will send them home Fridays, so plan accordingly.


Volunteers The PTO is always seeking volunteers for various events, committees, and board. If you are interested in finding a place to volunteer, please contact Theresa Meshes (tmeshes@gmail.com)


The PTO Shed is located behind the school and has various items you may use for your event. You can obtain the code from Terri Smialek ARS school secretary. Please include items taken or used in your final report. Using items in the shed may help keep costs down on your event/program.


Building use forms. If you are planning on using one of the District buildings you must fill out a “building use” form. You may ask either school secretary for one. Please read carefully before signing. Your committee is responsible for building/hallway supervision and cleanup. And being there when vendors get there to assure a smooth start to your program/event.

@ARS do not remove lunch tables yourself, because of the specific ways the lunch tables have to be taken down and moved around please provide a specific outline with your building use request and they will have them arranged for you.


❖Please use our PTO Banner at your event.


Good Luck! And have fun, and remember we are here to answer questions!

Your FRG PTO Board of Directors